P90X DVD Workout – Base Kit

P90X DVD Workout – Base Kit

  • Get lean, bulk up, or grow stronger, with an endless variety of mix-and-match routines to keep you motivated
  • Muscle Confusion technique accelerates the results process by constantly introducing new moves and routines so your body never plateaus
  • Collection of 12 highly diverse and intense DVD workouts
  • Also includes comprehensive three-phase nutrition plan, specially designed supplement options
  • Personal trainer Tony Horton will keep you engaged every step of the way

P90X is a revolutionary system of 12 highly intense workouts, designed to transform your body. * Chest and Back * Plyometrics * Shoulders and Arms * Yoga X * Legs and Back * Kenpo X * X Stretch * Core Synergistics * Chest, Shoulders and Triceps * Back and Biceps * Ab Ripper X * Cardio X Extra DVD for a quick overview of the complete P90X Extreme Home Fitness training system is included. To get you started, you will also receive a comprehensive 3-phase nutrition plan, specially designed to help y

List Price: $ 139.80


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  1. jj says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Best all over work out system, August 14, 2013

    This review is from: P90X DVD Workout – Base Kit (Sports)

    I hesitated spending this much for a DVD workout, but I figured I spent several times that amount on a gym, this is a bargain. Besides, I could always resell it if I didn’t like it. This is worth every penny. P90X works on the idea of “confusing” your muscles, changing up exercises so your muscles don’t get used to the same movements. It’s a complete body workout, and it changes up day to day so you don’t get bored or overwork the same area. Plus it includes yoga and cardio so you add stretching and cardio.

    The reason I considered this. My best friend when I lived in NY was a professional dancer. He could lift a fellow dancer (man or woman) over his head without breaking a sweat. He told me – Strength isn’t about bulk, it isn’t about repetition of the same movements. To do anything that requires strength, all of your muscles have to be engaged and trained to work at their maximum and to be able to react differently for each different movement. I always remembered this when checking out workout routines When I came across P90X, it was the best routine for an all over workout, and challenged your muscles to constantly work differently.

    I recommend watching the video first before going through it, so that you know how the whole session runs before actually doing it. Also, there may be some moves you aren’t familiar with and before slamming them into a whole routine, work them out so you can get comfortable with them. I’m not that coordinated and had a little trouble with getting some of the exercises down, especially when they change so quickly. Watching first and practicing a little helped. My personal recommendation is that you might want to add more stretching before and after doing the video, flexibility really helps you get more out of the exercises. I also have carpal tunnel, so I had to modify exercises that had push ups in them. I use push up bars to keep the stress and weight off my wrists. Definity HHP-001 Pair of Push Up Bars These are really great ones to use, sturdy, and they aren’t heavy so you can do the Double Dog push ups and adjust your hands slightly for the yoga positions easily. As far as other equipment goes, there are bands and balls and weights you can use, but you don’t absolutely need them to do the exercises. If you don’t have them on hand when you get the DVD, do the exercises without and then look for the equipment that works for you. Although I do recommend getting a good pull up bar, and one that allows for many different hand positions.

    You get the benefit of cross training in this system – you get elements of martial arts, boxing, yoga, and basic cardio. And you won’t get bored. The routines change constantly, and you don’t push your body to the point of muscle exhaustion. This work out does repeat exercises, but something that is done 100 times is a quick moving exercise so the whole segment is at most a minute or so. The sequence of the exercises is done well because even when you are working a specific muscle group in a few exercises, you go from working them through cardio to resistance, so they are being worked differently and you don’t push your muscles too far.

    Another reason I like this system is because it does all the right things for helping you lose weight in addition to getting in shape (which was one of my goals when I bought it). You get the resistance training (building muscle burns more fat) and the cardio (which also burns fat), so your weight loss plan gets a huge help. I also supplement with Raspberry Ketone Platinum (2 Bottles) – Clinical Strength – All Natural Fat Burning, Weight Loss, Diet Supplement, 60 capsules before I do my workout. It gives me a ton of energy to get through my workout and additionally it has helped me lose weight faster. I have lost nearly twice as much weight per week using the Raspberry Ketone with the workouts than when I just did P90X (was losing about 1.5 – 2lbs per week without the supplement now close to 4lbs a week while using it). It is a clinical strength formula but still all-natural, which is a big plus to me. There are plenty of good fat burner/energy supplements you can use, I just found this one worked the best for me.

    To sum up my recommendations:

    Watch the videos first
    Practice some of the new exercises so you know how to do them before you go through the video as a whole
    Don’t be too ambitious at first, do exercises without the weights, balls, bands, etc. then add them when you have the routine down, and use the equipment that works for you
    Don’t be too ambitious at first, if you can’t get through the one-day routine,…

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  2. Krykie says:
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    Yes, it is like the informercial says, August 31, 2007

    This review is from: P90X DVD Workout – Base Kit (Sports)
    This product is what I expected from the infomercial – the infomercial is a good representation of what you’ll get. The DVDs are good, come in a small case (no excess packaging to exaggerate or compensate for lack of real product). The accompanying written materials are good too.
    However, I found that I wasn’t quite in shape enough when P90X arrived to use it well. I went back and bought Tony Horton’s “Power Half Hour” and used that for a few weeks first – had to wake up some muscles I’ve let go dormant. I’ve been in good shape most of my life, but kind of got lazy lately – I needed to get a basic foundation before I could jump into the incredible workouts he provides.
    Make no mistake; this is a commitment. The workouts are long, and hard, but they are engaging. No geeky cheesy cheerleader pep talks in the DVD, and no arrogant gym rat jerks either. If I win the lottery, I’ll try to hire Tony as my personal trainer; he has a good positive attitude, and seems to keep the workouts real with a sense of humility and humor.
    The segment timer is great. Though the workouts are typically an hour long, he has “chunked” them down into segments, with a “progress bar” on the screen – kind of like the bar on the computer – so you can adjust your pace or your mindset with the workout.
    Tony uses both men and women of differing degrees of flexibility and fitness; there’s always a body on the screen up there to help me with my own form.
    I’m a former Marine – and this is used to replace my “daily thirteen.” If only I knew about some of these workouts back in the day… So I give it a thumbs up from the perspective of some really challenging workouts I’ve experienced in the past.
    Overall, a good deal. But be warned, it isn’t for the fat couch potato. Like the infomercial says, its for folks that want to get in BETTER shape; the expectation is that you already are in shape and want to take it to the next level.
    UPDATE: It is now 2012, I’ve had this DVD for a few years. It is still great, and I’ve added to it with other Tony Horton products from the Beachbody site. It works great for couchpotatoes (my husband), and I have a new appreciation for it being able to GET people in shape. It is the only DVD out there for people IN shape to get in better shape, but it DOES work for people to get in shape in the first place. But still, make no mistake — it is hard work but worth it!


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  3. joshwoodtxdotcom says:
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    P90x – How I loathe you, March 26, 2011

    This review is from: P90X DVD Workout – Base Kit (Sports)
    So, my wife and I decided to give this P90x thing a try. We finished day 3 yesterday. I think I can safely file this decision in the “overly optimistic” category (like the time I said “yes” to dodge ball with middle schoolers…but that’s another story). Here’s my brief synopsis of the experience thus far:

    Day 1: We decided to start with the plyometrics disc. Tony (the leader-whom I have officially declared to be my arch-enemy) pointed out that one of the guys on the video had a prosthetic leg. Assumption: how hard could it be if a one legged man could do it? Stupid assumption. I collapsed around 40 minutes into it. I was no longer the boss of my own legs. I realize that the following sentence isn’t exactly politically correct; but, I don’t care. I hate that jolly one legged man.

    Day 2: I decided to go with the “chest and back” disc as my legs felt like jello and were barely functional. My wife was initially opposed to this disc because she wanted to avoid getting a muscled-up “man back” (as she so eloquently put it). I assured her that this wouldn’t happen to her…and warned her that it might not happen to me either. Apparently each workout includes a “warm up”. This “warm up” included things called jump-lunges. I hate Tony. As for the rest of the workout….I, again, ended up sprawled on the floor-like a dead man-after semi-completing countless push-ups. Pain. So much pain. Not only am I unable to walk like a normal human, I am now unable to lift my arms to floss my teeth.

    Day 3: I sifted through the discs and found a disc titled “Yoga”. YES. This one had to be easy. I knew a fat guy in college who took a yoga class to meet women (didn’t work). Assumption: if he could do it, surely I could also. Horrible assumption. Apparently all yoga is not the same as P90x yoga. It’s as if the P90x trainers thought to themselves: “By now, the people who are stupid enough to do our program probably have ridiculously sore legs, arms, and shoulders. I wonder how we can intensify that pain until our participants cry…….OH, I KNOW! Let’s make them do 90 minutes of yoga!” I did something called a “downward dog” until my soul hurt. Realization 1: I am not flexible at all. AT ALL. Realization 2: Yoga is not what I thought it was (a style of peaceful, calming stretching and breathing). Yoga is not peaceful at all. Yoga is designed to punish you for not being flexible. I hate yoga. I hate Tony.

    I’ll admit, before beginning P90x, the thought crossed my mind: “the wife might be impressed with my strength & athleticism”. Wrong. Unless, of course, shouting various insults at the tv whilst lying motionless on the floor is “impressive”.

    P3x down. P87x to go. Bring it on.


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