Funny LDS Top List Of What Mormon Girls Love

People love reading top 10 or top 25 lists they are extremely entertaining you only need to visit websites such as Pinterest or Buzz feed to see just how many different top lists that there are covering a wide variety of subjects. Here we will be concentrating on a funny LDS list of things Mormon girls absolutely love. Now if you’re a Mormon girl yourself then there may be a lot of things on this list that you can relate to and there are also probably a lot more that you could add to the list yourself.

  • Disney – Hard to think of any Mormon Girl that does not love singing along to some of the songs of her favourite Disney movie of all time.
  • Vacation- Ok so this one may not strictly be limited to Mormon girls but we all love going on our summer holidays and relaxing on the beach.
  • Doughnuts and cakes – Seriously what’s a Mormon girl not going to love about doughnuts and cupcakes with vanilla frosting? Yummy.
  • Baby names – whether we are pregnant or not thinking of names for our future baby is something that all us Mormon girls really love to do.
  • Smoothies – Delicious and nutritious, all of the pleasure with no guilt.
  • The hunger games- Most probably the favourite movie of every Mormon girl that has seen it.
  • Pinterest – Hours can be spent on Pinterest looking at all the funny LDS memes and other Mormon related pins. Probably one of the most popular websites amongst Mormon girls, particularly teenagers.

So there you have it a funny LDS list of some of the things that all Mormon girls absolutely love. The list is by no means exhaustive and there are probably hundreds of things that you can think of adding to it right now as you are reading it. Top lists are a part of our pop culture and it’s for this reason that things like funny LDS top lists are created and shared amongst friends.