Choosing The Right is Important

There is no denying the fact that it when it comes to adhering to religious principals and matters of faith then Mormons are the most dedicated. It is this dedication of faith and religious principles that make members of the Mormon Church united in devotion to the lord. One of the core principles of the Mormon faith is the importance that is placed upon choosing the right. Choose the right is the LDS Church motto with the right being the Mormon way of life. Choose the right does not just simply mean to choose the Mormon religion it is also representative of changing one’s lifestyle in accordance to Mormon practices. It is through chose the right and other religious principles that Mormons maintain a strong sense of faith and family unity; family is an integral part of the Mormon religion.

Mormons consider choosing the right very important to the point where the letters CTR can be found on Mormon rings known as CTR rings. These rings are usually made from silver and gold with the letters for choose the right clearly engraved in them. CTR rings are worn by most members of the LDS church including men women and children. The whole purpose of CTR rings being introduced by the LDS Church was to encourage young Mormons to adhere and to believe in the principles of Mormonism. CTR rings were introduced during the 1960s and have been a strong part of the Mormon way of life ever since.

Choosing the right is important and it is achieved by having strong family values, studying the book of Mormon, attending church regularly and believing and having faith in the Mormon prophets. Choosing the right also means that not only do you follow the ways of Mormonism but also that you have done so out of your own choice. All members of the Mormon Church have embraced their faith in the religion through the principle of choosing the right with large numbers of Non Mormons also opting to choose the right and converting to the Mormon way of life.