3/4″ Red PEX Pipe Tubing – Type B Non Barrier

3/4″ Red PEX Pipe Tubing – Type B Non Barrier

  • Direct routing of pipes: PEX can run straight from a distribution point to an outlet fixture without cutting or splicing the pipe. This reduces the need for potentially weak and costly joints and reduces the drop in pressure due to turbulence induced at transitions. Since PEX is flexible, it is often possible to install a supply line directly from the water source to an appliance using just one connection at each end.
  • No corrosion: Copper and iron pipes can experience corrosion leaks but PEX does not have these problems.
  • Flexibility: PEX has become a contender for use in residential water plumbing because of its flexibility. It can bend into a wide-radius turn if space permits, or accommodate turns by using elbow joints. In addition, it can handle short-radius turns, sometimes supported with a metal brace; in contrast, PVC, CPVC and copperall require elbow joints. A single length of PEX pipe cannot handle a sharp 90-degree turn, however, so in those situations, it is necessary to connect two PEX pipes with a 90-degree PEX elbow joint.
  • No fire risk during installation: Copper piping required soldering using torches, and there was a risk of flame and heat causing a fire; but with PEX there is virtually no danger from fire. However, there was an unfortunate counter-incident in 2011 in which authorities suspect that six firefighters were injured when a fire melted the plastic PEX pipes, causing water to soak into ceiling insulation, adding greater weight, which caused the ceiling to collapse; but the PEX tubing was not blamed as the cause of the fire. Overall PEX piping is much safer to install.
  • Less likely to burst from freezing: The general position is that PEX plastic materials are slower to burst than copper or PVC pipes, but that they will burst eventually since freezing causes water to expand. One account suggested that PEX water-filled pipes, frozen over time, will swell and tear; in contrast, copper pipe “rips” and PVC “shatters”. Home expert Steve Maxwell suggested in 2007 that PEX water-filled pipes could endure “five or six freeze-thaw cycles without splitting” while copper would split apart promptly on the first freeze. In new unheated seasonal homes, it is still recommended to drain pipes during an unheated cold season or take other measures to prevent pipes from bursting because of the cold. In new construction, it is recommended that all water pipes be sloped slightly to permit drainage, if necessary.

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The 1/2″ x 1000 ft. Red PEX tubing is a Type B Pex, non barrier, and produced with crosslinked polyethylene. Crosslinking is obtained through a chemical process that increases the bonds bet

List Price: $ 400.00


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